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Sith Trooper Custom Star Wars Minifigure

Sith Trooper Custom Star Wars Minifigure

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Custom created figure that is compatible with LEGO.

Imperial soldiers, also called Sith Troopers or Imperial Troopers, were the infantry units of the reconstituted Sith Empire's army. These Sith Troopers served as the ground invasion force for the Imperial Military's campaigns of conquest, and worked to defend the Empire's holdings during the Great Galactic War and Cold War. Imperial soldiers were conscripted members of the Enlisted class—a social caste within the Empire destined to work in the military under the orders of their Sith overlords. Soldiers often worked alongside Imperial guardsmen, bounty hunters, Intelligence Ministry agents, Sith Warriors and Inquisitors on the field of battle. One variation of the standard trooper, the heavy Imperial trooper, worked in a similar, but more specialized role.

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