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Wall Mounted Display Cases for Minifigures - 4 Minifigures wide

Wall Mounted Display Cases for Minifigures - 4 Minifigures wide

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Transform your Minifigure collection into an impressive showcase with our exclusive line of custom wall mounted display cases, available at Den of Bricks. Safeguard your prized Minifigures while adding a touch of elegance to your space.




Immerse yourself in the remarkable features of our display cases, meticulously crafted to ensure seamless assembly and enhanced protection for your Minifigures. Our multi-tiered cases are thoughtfully designed with embedded studs, securely accommodating both your Minifigures and their accessories.


• Provide peace of mind by shielding your Minifigure collection from accidental damage.


• Maintain an even spacing and secure placement of your Minifigures with the strategically embedded studs.


• Compatible with all Minifigure series, offering versatility and flexibility.


• Enjoy the convenience of 100% dust protection, eliminating the hassle of frequent cleaning.


• Explore our extensive collection of wall mounted cases, available in various capacities and configurations.


• Need a desktop alternative or custom themed backgrounds? Contact us at, and we'll collaborate with you to create the perfect frame.


Premium Quality:


• Constructed from high-quality 3mm crystal clear Perspex®, our display cases are easily assembled using our specially designed screws and connector cubes, ensuring a secure fit.


• The sleek 5mm black gloss Perspex® backing plate adds a touch of sophistication.


• The 3mm clear Perspex® shelves feature embedded studs, guaranteeing stability for your Minifigures.




Selecting a LEGO® Wall Mount display case is a breeze. Simply choose the desired width to accommodate your Minifigures and add the preferred number of shelves. To determine the external dimensions, add 77mm to the height for each tier you include.


Case Measurements: 4 Minifigures wide x 1 Tier = 13.8cm Wide x 6.9cm Deep x 10.4cm High


Please note: When placing Minifigures on the shelves, it's important to support the shelf by firmly placing your thumb underneath while applying pressure to connect the Minifigure.


Are Minifigures included?


Minifigures are sold separately. Visit for a wide range of Minifigure collections.


Do I need to assemble it?


Our products are delivered in kit form and effortlessly click together. Some cases may require tightening a few screws, but overall, assembly is straightforward. The result is a sturdy and secure display.


When can I expect delivery?


Each display case is meticulously handmade and shipped worldwide. We strive to dispatch all orders within 5 working days.




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